CAFE Scholarship


The Caribbean American Fashion Exchange™ Scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), has been established for Caribbean students who live in the Caribbean to attend this prestigious New York institution. The scholarship will be given to two students at a time regardless of major or programs. A primary requirement for applicants for this scholarship is a 500-word essay describing how the applicant intends to utilize his/her education post-FIT to benefit home-country and region while providing a sustainable tie-in with the global fashion industry.

A primary fundraiser for the CAFE™ Scholarship is the Gala event, THE CARIBBEAN at FIT: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE - which includes a fashion show that would present collections of Caribbean alumna who attended FIT and went on to enter the industry as fashion designers. The show will feature brands that have made, and are making their mark, and include fashion designers from the current graduating Class who will be embarking on a future in the fashion industry.

CAFE - Caribbean American Fashion Exchange™ is dedicated to the strengthening and development of the Caribbean’s fashion industry, through a series of targeted events that would position brands before several sales opportunities.

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